Group Members

Principal Investigator

Maged M. Harraz, MBBCh, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor

Psychiatry and Pharmacology


Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine

MBBCh, Medicine & Surgery, MS, Histology & Genetics: Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt

PhD, Cell Biology: University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Postdoc,   Neuroscience: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Lab Members

Manisha Singh, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a 5th-year post-doctoral fellow. I received my Ph.D. from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India. My Ph.D. research focused on understanding stem cell biology and neuro-regeneration in Parkinson’s disease Wistar rat model, using in-vitro differentiated primary human mesenchymal stem cells obtained from bone marrow, adipose tissue, and dental pulp. I became interested in understanding the neurobiology of addiction while working briefly with Dr. Maged Harraz at Johns Hopkins University. I look forward to diversifying my knowledge and experience in addiction biology while working in the Harraz Lab. 

Besides science, I am interested in acrylic and oil painting, mandala drawing, hiking, and music.

America Bustos Segura

Graduate Student

America graduated with BA.s in Psychology with a minor in Biology from California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) in May 2022. Her undergraduate research focused on the effects of adolescent sucrose exposure on oxycodone/cocaine self-administration in adulthood as well as on operant novelty seeking in rats. America found a passion for research in Dr. Gancarz lab at CSUB and is now continuing and expanding her learning in Dr. Harraz's Lab for her PhD thesis. America is very easy to approach and is outgoing! And loves to listen to music. 

Djeneba Sidibe

Research Assistant

A.A.S. in Biotechnology from Baltimore City Community College,  

B.S. in Biology from Notre Dame of Maryland University.  

Research interest: I worked in labs studying neurodevelopment disorders and the neurobiology of autoimmune diseases, making me drawn to Neuroscience. I have an interest in understanding the psychology and neurobiology of drug addiction. 

Isaiah Williamson

Graduate Rotation Student

Isaiah earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Mount St. Mary’s University in 2022 and joined the University of Maryland’s postbac program (STAR-PREP). He spent roughly a year in Dr. Mary Kay Lobo’s lab characterizing the cell type-specific effects of drug use in the Nucleus Accumbens, furthering his passion for addiction research. He has found a newfound passion for molecular research as a rotating graduate student in the Harraz lab. Outside the lab, he enjoys reading non-fiction, working out, and spending time with his dog.

Jean Jouffroy

Graduate Rotation Student

Jean discovered his passion for neuroscience in undergrad with a particular interest in neurodegenerative diseases. He is completing his third rotation in the Harraz lab as a second-year PhD student in the PIN program at the University of Maryland. Outside of science, Jean is a fan of many sports and has previously played collegiate soccer. 

Ayush Patel

Undergraduate Research Intern

Ayush is interested in research about neurotransmitters: understanding how they are synthesized, released, and received by neurons and how they impact neural communication. He is also interested in investigating the impact of neural plasticity on behavior, how it contributes to learning and memory, and how it impacts behavior in health and disease.

Annie Walls

Undergraduate Research Intern

Annie is studying Experimental Neuroscience at Virginia Tech, and her research interests lie in unraveling the neurobiological basis of addiction and mood disorders. She hopes to work someday towards more precise, individualized medicine in the field of psychiatric prescription. She enjoys hiking, fencing, and swing dance in her free time.

Madeline Gold

High School Intern

Madeline is a rising senior in the Montgomery Blair High School Magnet Program and has had a passion for neuroscience since age 7. She is particularly interested in research into novel therapeutics for Alzheimer’s Disease and treatment-resistant depression and hopes to partake in neuropharmacological research as a future career.

Selim Demirkan

High School Intern

Selim is a senior at Walt Whitman HS. He plans on majoring in Biomedical Engineering in college and is fascinated by the neurobiology of neurodegenerative disorders, particularly Parkinson’s disease. He joined the Harraz Lab to learn more about the pharmacology and properties of dopaminergic neurons.

Hamza Adawy

High School Intern

Lab Alumni

Tolu Adelaja (High School Intern)

Adedola Adebamowo (Graduate Rotstion Student)

Laura Ventura (Graduate Rotation Student)

Lakota Watson (Graduate Rotation Student)